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Customer Testimonials
Helen Cheshire, by email
Dear Nancy ! You are an absolute genius, and I only hope you are revered as much by your employer as you are by my family ! Maybe, the move to an office with a view reflects a promotion ? I sincerely hope so, because your customer service was honestly second to none !!! The keys arrived today (would you like me to send the third one back to you?) and it was with bated breath that we approached the cabinet in Dad's garage. You can have no idea how thrilling it was, as the keys turned and the doors flew open - on several counts, of course, not least of which was my brother-in-law's amazement that my 'dumb idea' had actually solved the problem !! We did it, girl, thanks to you !!! And the lovely cabinet gleamed in the shadows of the garage, as if to say 'thank you' for saving it from a horrible man with a drill ! Well-done, you ! Thank you on behalf of all my family for being so resourceful and accommodating ! That is one huge relief ! Much-appreciated ! Regards, Helen Cheshire x