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Leather is a natural product and its beauty is enhanced by the occasional natural blemish and subtle difference in texture and shade. These are the hallmarks of a natural product, and they differentiate genuine leather from other man made materials.

Details of the leather range featured on our site for online ordering are given below.
We feel this offers a comprehensive selection for ease of online ordering. Of course, you are still welcome to choose from the vast selection of colours and styles we carry. Simply use the ‘further instructions’ box to give us an idea of colours/styles you are interested in when ordering your furniture, we will then send you a further selection of samples. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with a member of staff.

Leather Care & Cleaning

Leather furniture must not be placed in direct sunlight or very warm areas, next to radiators for example. The minimum of care is required to keep leather looking good.
The surface should be regularly dusted to keep it free from dirt and grit, which can be abrasive and damage the surface.

For spills and sticky finger marks a well wrung out chamois leather is all that is required followed by a polish with a dry duster.

For maintenance and periodic cleaning 2 or three times a year we recommend
Using our leather care pack. The pack contains cleaning and nourishing creams to prolong the life and suppleness of the leather. Hide food or saddle soap or proprietary products that contain silicone polish should never be used. Use of unrecommended cleaning agents invalidates any manufacturers warranty regarding the leather covering.

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